Council House,1899, Platinum print.

The Exhibition

In 1905–06, E. S. Curtis assembled a series of exhibitions called The North American Indian that traveled the East Coast, eventually coming to Boston. There Dr. Charles Goddard Weld, a dedicated supporter of the Peabody Museum, purchased the entire set of 109 prints. The Master Prints of Edward S. Curtis: Portraits of Native America features more than sixty-five of these magnificent 14-by-17-inch platinum prints, set in salon-style art nouveau mounts, many signed by the artist. The prints, which remain in pristine condition, have rarely been shown since 1906. The exhibition includes a poignant portrait of Red Cloud, the legendary Oglala warrior and chief, in his last years, and a broodingly intelligent portrait of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce in ceremonial dress. It also includes many images of Native American women, at work carrying water or making bread, with their children, or alone sitting for a portrait.

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